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Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's been a while...

since I last posted. I have admittedly been tardy with blog posts this year and I guess that's because I haven't really felt as though too many really interesting things were happening around here.

Aside from the non interesting bits (aka boring stuff) I have been busy designing new fabrics for my Spoonflower store. And this past week I received 2nd place in the "Eighties Embroidery" themed Spoonflower contest with my homage to Keith Haring. Oh and if you check out this link, you'll see my Halloween fabric is featured on the Spoonflower/shop page. I am pasting a pic in for those who don't want to see the full page and/or click the link.  
Picture is © Spoonflower/Retro Rudolph's.
But how cool is that? 
Pretty damn cool and I was really thrilled to be asked by Spoonflower if they could use it :)
Prior to this weeks 2nd place ranking I won a Spoonflower "Camping" themed contest... not bad eh? Here's a pic of my design :)
Apart from all this recent excitement I thought I'd show you a couple of other pics... just for fun!

See this... well that's mostly unfinished work. It's been behind closed doors for several months now. Quite a few of these papier mache pieces will eventually get finished... like my larger devil and witch luminaries, ahem ~ I should say Boo's luminaries because he's laid claim to them, or did do back when I was initially sculpting them.

Now onto this pic... yes, it's obviously my studio/dining room/work area BUT notice how tidy it is. Tidy is cool... and a refreshing change indeed!

Well, that's all I have to show and tell for now. Wishing my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving and everyone else a great week!
Cheers! ~ Lori
All images/content on this blog are © Retro Rudolph's. All rights reserved.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Taking a look back... and ahead

It seems like ages since I last posted... and I guess it has been a couple of weeks.

Because I haven't been sculpting, I thought I would share a handful of pictures of my paper mache work... past to semi-present. These are pieces I will always look back at fondly... and maybe some of you will remember them too.

First up is a picture of "Tricks the cat" ~ he's a mischievous bobble head and still a favourite of mine.

Next up is a picture of "Angry Jack with Party Hat" ~ I do believe that Angry Jack was the first pumpkin where I tried to incorporate wrinkles into his facial features.

The third and fourth pictures are of "works in progress" from 2010 and 2011... I have included them because many of my favourite sculpts are in these particular pictures.

Admittedly, I may have gone a little wrinkle and wart crazy in 2010 and 2011, but I will tell you it was loads of fun!!
All of those wrinkles, warts, exaggerated noses, hair and horns, really gave me more experience when it came to sculpting. It made me look at the human head in a new light and gave me a new respect and admiration for those who can sculpt realistically.
Obviously, I did not/do not aspire to sculpt realistically... but I did and always will hand sculpt each and every piece I ever made or hope to make in the future.

What you may ask will I sculpt next? 
That's a good question and for that I do not have an answer... only time will tell.
Rest assured when I do decide to put my hands in clay again... you'll be the first to know. Cheers for now. ~ Lori 

All content and pictures are: © 2012 Retro Rudolph's. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feeling a bit devilish...

and so I have this "illuminating" offering available for purchase tonight at midnight (eastern) on SpookyTime Jingles.
He's a candy container and luminary, and sure to "light up" your holiday folk art collection for many years to come! 

Oh and I have some new fabrics available in my Spoonflower store. Just click on the link to the right to check them out (if you  are so inclined.)

Cheers for now! ~ Lori
All images and content © 2012 Retro Rudolph's 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Now available on SpookyTime Jingles

This month I have three new pieces up for grabs.
One is made from a combination of paper mache and hand dyed, spun cotton, the other two luminaries are made from hand dyed, spun cotton and completely hollow (one is pictured below). All pieces have been trimmed with vintage crepe paper "leafy" trim.

If you are so inclined please stop by my STJ page to check them out.
For more detailed pictures please pop over to my Flickr set.

Happy weekend all! ~ Lori
All imagery and content © 2012 Retro Rudolph's. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Additional pics of my SpookyTime Jingles items for October

Large Devil 
Candy container & luminary

Small Devil 
Candy container & luminary

Friday, September 16, 2011

One week from today...

and I will be out in California setting up my table for the Halloween and Vine show on Saturday, Sept. 24th. Just the thought of this is making me a bit nervous for a couple of reasons. 
One of which is flying, I have not been in an airplane for 20 years, and secondly because I hope I can navigate my way through busy airports - both in T.O. and in San Francisco. 


Time will tell.... and speaking of time - it's ticking too fast, so I best get back to work on my papier mache pieces pictured below. YIKES... they are all still works in progress.
Chat at you soon! ~ Lori

Friday, July 29, 2011

A bit cryptic (and severely panicked) to be sure...

It seems I have been tardy in posting to my blog lately (the "norm") these days and that's for very good reason.
I have been working away on my pieces for two upcoming shows in September. AND I have been getting a bit "ansty"... rightly so because time has snuck up on me and July flew by without me noticing it until the other day. Trust me when I say I am not the only one who is in shows who seems to have lost the month of July altogether.

But just in case you stopped by and/or are about to stop by I thought I would leave you with a few pics. That way you can (sort of) see what I have on the agenda (for the next few days.)
I have to "antique" wax my pieces, cut and adhere the paper eye, nose and mouth inserts (as pictured below), finalize the bases (in some cases) and trim up those of them who need vintage crepe paper festooning or hats or whatever I feel is appropriate to finish them.


Realistically, I hope to be finished with the 56 papier mache pieces I have on the go at the moment by the end of next week (and I sincerely hope that time is on my side) and I get them tagged, signed and safely wrapped for shipping by mid-August at the latest... so much to do and now it really, really is CRUNCH time, so I have to go!! ~ Lori

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SpookyTime Jingles Sneak Peek for July

Here's a little sneak peek at my upcoming SpookyTime Jingles listings this month to whet your appetite before the site goes live again at midnight (Eastern time) on July 13th.

This month I will be offering five FUN pieces that I hope you will like, so please stop by my page and check them out on the 13th.

Oh and there's a really special guest artist this month too. I am still wondering who it could be? I have my suspicions, but I won't tell!

In other news: I am still very busy making and finishing my pieces for two upcoming shows SpookyTime Jingles Holiday Soiree and Halloween and Vine. It's going very well, albeit a little bit slower than I had anticipated. Hence my absence... which you'll have to excuse for the time being. (Please see the sidebar on the left for details and links to the shows.)

p.s. I hope you are all enjoying summer thus far! I have been spending much of my time outdoors sculpting and painting... speaking of which the gesso jar is calling my name, so I best get back to work. Chat at you again soon! ~ Lori

Monday, June 13, 2011

WIP~itty do dah today!

 I must be on a roll today because I finally got my papier mache/accordion tree toppers finished up.

And am now moving on to these fellows... a small handful of gourd character candy containers.

Friday, June 10, 2011

On the workbench today...

After yesterdays stress session on facebook I decided that maybe instead of feeling a bit overwhelmed I should put those stressed out feelings to good use. The result = a lot of progress on 13 pieces (must be a lucky number right?)

Anyway, I am back to working on these pieces in a few minutes, just thought you'd like to see the wip's of six mache/paper accordion tree toppers, four cat head/paper accordion ornaments and three candy balls. ~ Lori

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dust in the wind... and apparently on my blog

Sorry for the long delay in my blog posts. I have been very busy sculpting my papier mache pieces and trying to prepare for two upcoming Halloween/Holiday shows this fall. (Show dates on the left side bar.)

That being said... please be forewarned that this may not be the only time you'll visit and see what is tantamount to ghosts blowing across the blank page.

Anyway, I must get back to sculpting and sanding... a snapshot of what is in progress (so far) is posted below. ~ Lori

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cleaning out my cupboards ~ Etsy SALE now on!

I decided it was high time I cleaned out my art cupboard and offered several pieces for SALE in my ETSY shop. Some of these items have never been listed online before!
So I hope you'll take a few minutes and pop by my ETSY store.
Here's some of what you'll see for sale.

In other news, STJ updates tomorrow at 12 midnight (Eastern.)
I will be offering FIVE summer themed items and don't forget there's still time to bid on the STJ Day of the Dead tree on eBay.  Have a great week! ~ Lori

Saturday, April 30, 2011

EHAG Emporium ~ "Pulp Friction" Luminary & Candy Container

This months EHAG Emporium is now upon us and I have created a very special pumpkin. This fun piece is the product of many hours of hard work. A few more details about this piece are posted below:

"Pulp Friction" is a hand sculpted pumpkin that's given to bouts of crankiness. I think his expression clearly shows he's not very agreeable!
It could simply be because his wrinkles are taut that he's looking a bit fraught, so be forewarned he may be a bit ornery until you make him feel at home.

This ill-natured guy has been trimmed with vintage crepe paper (in shades of green and taupe) that's been sewn and hand cut (by me) to mimic leaves around his base.
To seal and mildly antique this cantankerous fellow I have applied two kinds of paste wax, buffed to a soft, satin/semi-sheen.
His paper eye and mouth inserts have been treated with an archival paper spray to help them last throughout the years. (The better to see you with!)

Approximate size of this piece is: 7.05" high by 9.0" wide x 26.0" in circumference.
He's plenty big enough to fill with wrapped candies and can be illuminated using a battery operated light source. * No real candles please.*

SOLD, thank you!!!
"Pulp Friction" is $175- (plus airmail shipping.)
Please email: to purchase this piece.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Silliness du jour

Here's a few little "things" I have been working on. Granted, they are a bit silly... but I have had a blast making a handful of mache/accordion lantern ornaments. Pleated paper bodies and silly little papier mache heads, hands and feet. (Then again, I am easily amused can't you tell?) 

Aside from a bit of cheap entertainment I have been busy finishing up my piece for this months my EHAG Emporium. There's a sneak peek below.
The EHAG Emporium opens it's Halloween doors on Saturday night (April 30th) at 9:00 p.m. EST. I hope you'll stop by to see all the items for sale.

BUT... don't forget to pop into the EHAG Emporium now... I say NOW because there's a  giveaway happening... and the prizes are really, really cool!

Have a great week, hope to see you Saturday night! ~ Lori

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

STJ "Sneak Peek"

Here's a little sneak peek of (some) of my items available this month on SpookyTime Jingles.
Hope to see you at midnight (Eastern) tonight! ~ Lori

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let spring and the sanding commence!

Today I feel somewhat akin to the groundhog who's finally seen his shadow. I finally saw mine as I stepped outdoors to a gorgeous, sun filled and pleasantly warm day.
That being said, I am proceeding outdoors in the next few minutes to sand all these Halloween/fall themed papier mache pieces I've been diligently working on the past several weeks.
Some of these pieces will be put aside to sell on online venues (STJ and EHAG Emporium), others will be put aside for two upcoming fall shows... and some have already made travel plans (hopefully) by the end of this week in anticipation of SpookyTime Jingles at the NHC in early May. Wish me luck with the sanding etc.!

Have a great weekend all! ~ Lori

Monday, March 28, 2011

Adding one more Halloween show into the mix

Yes, that's what I said! 
I am thrilled to be able to participate in this show (though not in person), with so many of my peers by means of sending my artwork to the 3rd Annual National Halloween Convention in Philadelphia (at the Valley Forge Convention Center.)
SpookyTime Jingles member artwork will be shown and for sale in the "Artists Alley" under SpookyTime Jingles.

SpookyTime Jingles will have two booths this year to display/sell group members artwork.
The sales floor will be open from:
Friday to Sunday ~ May 6th through 8th.
... and from what I've heard this promises to be a very exciting show, so I hope you'll mark the dates and start your Halloween shopping early!

As for me, well I have to go for now... I am still working on my papier mache pieces for this show. Wish me luck! ~ Lori

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Retro Rudolph's Retro-spective... another trip down memory lane

Every now and then I get an email from a cherished collector who sends me pictures of the pieces they've collected from me.

This week I received four pictures from Paul who I believe was my very first Halloween collector in late February of 2006. It's hard to believe it's been a little over five years now since I took the plunge and decided to make my love affair with papier mache my full time career.

It's very interesting for me to see these pieces again, especially when they are all displayed so thoughtfully en masse. The progression in my work strikes me profoundly. It brings to mind the expression "You've come a long way baby!"
Don't get me wrong here... that's not to say that I don't appreciate my art from it's humble beginnings... I do, but I think I have become a better artist/sculptor in those five years. I have learned a lot throughout these years (through hard work and experimentation) and am still learning and honing my skills to this day. I don't think I'll ever stop learning, nor do I want to... that's part of what keeps this interesting and challenging for me.

With Paul's permission I am sharing the pictures he sent me. He has most of his Retro Rudolph's pieces displayed on a 64" x 18" sofa table. He also started a Halloween tree to display some of the ornaments I have made.

A HUGE thank you Paul. For all your purchases in the past five years, for taking the time to send me email, meet me in person, post pics of my art on your own blog and for all the amazing things you have said regarding my art. It means more to me than you'll ever know to have a "cool-ector" such as you! ~ Lori 

(Above) ~ A wide shot of his display.

(Above) ~ A close-up of tree, pumpkins, hag with party hat, "Sad Sack figures" (in front) and behind a masked skeleton and hag with party hat ~ two of my earlier Halloween pieces.

(Above) ~ A close-up of several pumpkins from 2008 ~ 2010.

(Below) ~ (back left of picture) A pumpkin man and pumpkin girl with party hat, both are from my "2 heads are better than 1" series of 2006/2007. (The heads swap out to a witch and a skelly.) Several pumpkins, pumpkin/veggie man containers are featured in front.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shades of things to come in 2011

As most of you know I make hollow pieces - the majority of which can hold candy or be illuminated when displayed. And every year I love to make ornaments which serve a dual purpose as lanterns/luminaries or candy containers. This year is no exception!

My inspiration this time came from the Halloween collection of one of my collectors. Her paper/paper mache lanterns really "spoke" to me and set my brain whirling. Although my inspiration is from the old (and yes, I'm often inspired by old Halloween imagery) I always like to put my own "spin" or "twist" on things.

Below you will see the wip's (works in progress) of some lantern/mache pieces for 2011.
I have great plans for these - some will be smaller (as seen at bottom of pic) to serve as ornaments for those who have Halloween themed trees. Some will be larger - accordion pleated paper lantern only ornaments, but I also plan to make larger pieces with papier mache topped/head pieces and probably some lantern shaped candy boxes too.

Who knows what these will evolve into? I don't... but I am having the time of my life bringing them to life. ~ Lori

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warts that you said?

Thought I'd take a few moments and share my newest papier mache piece in progress, a warty jack o' lantern. I just started sculpting this piece today, (so it's pretty rough in spots) but I am hoping to finish it up for this month's EHAG Emporium... wish me luck because I could use it with time ticking down too fast! ~ Lori

p.s. There are still plenty of goodies available on SpookyTime Jingles this month... so don't forget to pop over there too!