Friday, December 14, 2012

The Putz Project... still on the bucket list

I started my "putz project" back in December 2010 and to date it's been the MOST popular post on my blog. I won't even tell you how many blog hits I have received since then... and all from people who I am assuming are interested in making their own putz and/or cardboard houses for their own Christmas scenes.

It's a fun project to start, a very time consuming project (if you build them to last) and one that you can build on through the years and perhaps hand down to other generations.

All that being said, I have still not completed my putz houses.
In 2010 I started with the Martha Stewart type putz house. Links to different house pattern sites are listed in the "putz project" link above. The Martha houses are very nice, but a bit too large for my current tastes ~ so if I was to ever make that type of house again I would scale them down. You can see what that style looks like below.

In 2011 (I think it was), I began collecting vintage putz houses, so the ones I have made since are patterned after them. I do prefer them because they take up less space and seem "more vintage" to me, even though my chosen colour palette was not. I also tried to colour coordinate my paper window and door inserts to match the house colour scheme, which I think looks much nicer.

These ones pictured below still need a bit of glitter here and there, but apart from that I am happy with the result. This time I used mini bottle brush trees (I bleached them to tone them down) vs. the chenille bump stems I had used in 2010 that are decorating the landscape of the Martha houses.

Perhaps in 2013 I will carry on with some other style of houses to add to this unfinished project... then again maybe I should finish these first.

In the meantime, "Happy putz making everyone!!" ~ Lori

Saturday, December 1, 2012

'tis the season