Thursday, July 5, 2012

Taking a look back... and ahead

It seems like ages since I last posted... and I guess it has been a couple of weeks.

Because I haven't been sculpting, I thought I would share a handful of pictures of my paper mache work... past to semi-present. These are pieces I will always look back at fondly... and maybe some of you will remember them too.

First up is a picture of "Tricks the cat" ~ he's a mischievous bobble head and still a favourite of mine.

Next up is a picture of "Angry Jack with Party Hat" ~ I do believe that Angry Jack was the first pumpkin where I tried to incorporate wrinkles into his facial features.

The third and fourth pictures are of "works in progress" from 2010 and 2011... I have included them because many of my favourite sculpts are in these particular pictures.

Admittedly, I may have gone a little wrinkle and wart crazy in 2010 and 2011, but I will tell you it was loads of fun!!
All of those wrinkles, warts, exaggerated noses, hair and horns, really gave me more experience when it came to sculpting. It made me look at the human head in a new light and gave me a new respect and admiration for those who can sculpt realistically.
Obviously, I did not/do not aspire to sculpt realistically... but I did and always will hand sculpt each and every piece I ever made or hope to make in the future.

What you may ask will I sculpt next? 
That's a good question and for that I do not have an answer... only time will tell.
Rest assured when I do decide to put my hands in clay again... you'll be the first to know. Cheers for now. ~ Lori 

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