Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mini facelift... and a decision I have been struggling with

Well, as with most things in life... from time to time we all need a "little work" done.

In this case, it's our century old home that could use a little bit of fresh lipstick and a smattering of rouge. So with that in mind we ventured out to a local paint store yesterday to buy several gallons of paint to freshen this old lady up.

Admittedly, she's grown tired of the white and green trim she has been sporting for the past decade (and so have I), so much so... that we wanted something a little more "classic" looking, you know something that will carry her through the next decade in style!

I believe Brian and I made the right decision yesterday when we chose two colours for her trim that we think she'll adore. She currently has a black, gambrel roof, white vinyl siding (yuck) BUT her old (somewhat) crumbly bricks are in gorgeous shades of warm, barn red and coppery oranges.

She deserves something that will compliment her basic good looks and perhaps garner some admirable glances. When's she's done, she may even receive a compliment or two... goodness knows it couldn't hurt at this point.

I do have the feeling that my neglected flower beds may start to voice their complaints upon her completion - so I just may have to dig out my garden gloves and get to work on overhauling them too. 

Ah summer... I can't wait to greet you!
I can't wait to enjoy you this year because it feels like I haven't really known you these past seven years. 

So with that being said, perhaps it's time I admitted aloud (to myself, and to you) that this year the art I offer for sale online will be considerably less than what's been available in previous years.

I have struggled and wrestled (both mentally and emotionally) with this decision since October, 2011. The end result (though extremely hard to admit) is this... 2012 will be (for the majority) a time spent with my family, in and out of our home, in the garden and on occasion in the studio working on new pieces.

Guess I am in need of a "mini" facelift this year too...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dyeing to get to work on some new pieces

Not much to post this week, for two reasons... I have managed to catch another cold virus and (I'll get to the second reason momentarily.)
Anyway, all I could quickly snap today are a few pics of these twelve plastic bags filled with sweet cotton goodness. I spent this past weekend prepping, by dyeing some rather large pieces of cotton for new work. I do have one cotton/mache piece almost fully completed... but (2nd reason) my camera battery pooped out, so I can't show you a sneak peek... perhaps next week when I have (hopefully) a few more pieces to show.
Cheers for now! ~ Lori

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Still tweaking and spinning... my wheels, so to speak!

I don't know why it happens? But it always does! I get ever closer to finishing a piece and then I tend to procrastinate (far more than I should.)
Visions of making HUGE mistakes dance through my head. I begin to question myself... "Should I change the expression?", "Does that nose need to be refined?", "Is it smooth enough?", "What colours should I use?", "What trim will I use?" etc. etc. The list is endless.

It's questions like these that make me drag my feet... and drive me nuts!! I begin to count the days until deadlines (if they are looming) and I just want sit back and continue to count them down... trying hard to ignore the inevitable. I think I need to "feel" the pressure of a deadline breathing down my neck - although I unequivocally dislike deadlines, I NEED them to keep me on track.

BUT, because I procrastinated (yet again), I have been tweaking these spuns (some of which you've already seen), and making more spun cotton pieces too. 

All that being said, time really is ticking... SO, I have set myself a deadline... airbrush day is tomorrow.  Please wish me luck! ~ Cheers for now, Lori