Saturday, March 31, 2012

The "unusual" suspects

My apologies to those of you who stop by on a regular basis, looking to see/read something new. Admittedly, I have been "MIA" again... seems to be the norm these days. That's partially because I have been trying very hard to be "good" and spend the majority of my work days "offline" as it were.

As you can see from the pictures below I have been keeping busy and am trying my hand at something new (to me) "spun cotton", not "new" to the general public by any means. The first pic is of some basic torsos, arms and legs (still in progress) and another pics of some pieces that are almost ready to paint.

From what I know, which is very little ~ spun cotton is an old world craft. There is not a lot of information available to be found online about making spun cotton pieces. I am aware that there is an online class available, though I haven't had the inclination to take this class because it looks like it focuses on cotton batting vs. spun and/or wrapped cotton pieces.

Trial and error may not be the best way to go, BUT I firmly believe that by trying a new craft for yourself, and perhaps failing (in my humble opinion) is indeed the best way to learn any new skill. Trust me.... when I tried my hand at spun cotton last year, I couldn't get anything to hold its shape. It has been a learning process to say the least... it's tricky, time consuming, FUN and seriously addicting!

I am truly in awe of the talent of artists like Crystal Hanehan of Vintage by Crystal, Marie Patterson of Marie Patterson Studio, Flora Thompson of Bone Head Studio and Maria Pahl's of Mr. Crow's Garden. These ladies make what I consider  to be "top notch" pieces of spun cotton art... so you should pop by their sites and see what I'm talking about for yourself.

Okay, that's about all for now. Cheers for this week! ~ Lori

Thursday, March 15, 2012

InCOGnito and email crash

Should have been called "InCOGneat-o!" and I say that because my design made it to Spoonflower's Top Ten list this week for the Robot Cheater Quilt challenge. I am so excited to have placed at all... and I figure 7th isn't too shabby for a newbie.

Here's the link to see what my design looks like printed on fabric (there's two pictures of it.) I am so pleased with the printed results and am also thrilled to be part of the Spoonflower community, so many great indie designers on their site.

The bad news for today, is that I lost every email I had ever kept on file. Thankfully, my mailing list is still in my address book.... but what a HUGE bummer. I was having an email discussion with another artist over techniques and lost all that info... YIKES!!! Not sure if I can recover my emails... maybe I can "Google" to see if there's a remedy to my problem :(
AHA! I did manage to fix it without "Google", thankfully, mail has a nifty "rebuild" function.

Anyway that's all for today, cheers for now! ~ Lori

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Robots on my brain... and on Spoonflower too!

Okay, so it HAS been almost a month since my last blog post and I am thinking it's high time I post something here.

Lately, my days and (very often) late nights have become consumed with designing fabric. To say I am obsessed is an understatement!

So with that in mind I entered another fabric challenge contest on Spoonflower. This time the theme was "Robots/cheater quilt", basically a cheater quilt is a fabric panel that looks like patchwork, but the design is all on one single yard of fabric. You simply stitch the yardage onto quilt batting and backing fabric... this leaves the piece-work out of it.
Oh and I just noticed that my design made the Spoonflower blog today :) I will admit it is fun to see my work alongside so many other very talented designers.
And speaking of designs... it is a contest... so if you "truly" like my "InCOGnito" design, please consider voting for my fabric before March 15th. Oh and if you really, really like this pattern, I have it for sale here.

March break is soon upon us... so cheers to you all for now! ~ Lori

p.s. Here's a peek at my design on the Spoonflower blog and below that is a small pic of my design "InCOGnito".