Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Additional pics of my SpookyTime Jingles items for October

Large Devil 
Candy container & luminary

Small Devil 
Candy container & luminary

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Snapshots from Halloween and Vine

It was a whirlwind of activity, so much so that the four days I spent in California truly is a blur (for the most part.)
Thursday's arrival at the San Francisco airport did not go without it's challenges. I won't go into details... but there was a case of mistaken identity and car trouble that added to an otherwise perfectly gorgeous day!

Friday morning was spent at the Freemont Diner in Sonoma, enjoying delicious food and the company of good friends. All followed up by a rather sizzling, hot time unpacking boxes and getting my table set up at Halloween and Vine. Luckily, I was situated in between two of my friends, Amelia Schaefer of Sweet B Folk Art (known to me as B) and Jorge de Rojas of HoHoHalloween. Jorge came well equipped with water bottles and a small fan... trust me, I stood in front of his fan just to try and get my face back to it's normal colour. It weren't a pretty sight... or rather, I weren't a pretty sight. I could see Len Bentham of Happy Holidays from my sight line, but darn it all I never really got a chance to get a good look at Len's goodies. Friday night we visited the Madonna Estate Winery, had a very informative tour which was followed up by great food and great new friends, Thank you Susan and Buck.

Saturday morning rolled around and I was still running about "fixing" things and switching on battery operated tea lights. Pat Dean stepped in to help me stick logo stickers to my bags, thank you Pat for your help! I got to meet Jack Roads... awesome and I did snag a piece :)

And at 9:00 am the show doors opened, followed by a flurry of activity... and that's when it all started to become a blur. Thankfully, Dani Nelson co-owner of SpookyTime Jingles was at the show and ready to help, because I needed it. I was a bit shaky to say the least! Then the tears almost started to flow as Ginny brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a pumpkin over to my table, they were sent by my husband... it was a surprise to say the least!

Halloween and Vine was followed up by drinks and then dinner, the only thing I can say about that is... it went by far TOO fast!

Sunday B and I went to the street/flea market, followed by a tasty breakfast at Petaluma Pie Company. Sunday afternoon Tracey, B, Len and I headed towards San Fran where we spent the afternoon shopping in Berkeley at Castle in the Air and a few other shops... needless to say I bought some cool "witch head" themed paper, awesome crepe paper and a few other goodies.

Monday came all too quickly! There was only time for a quick goodbye wave to Len, a hearty breakfast, off to the airport with Tracey and B and then it was time to fly home. Yep, more teary eyes from me... I am a sap, what can I say?

All in all I had a GREAT time!!!! The show (both experience and "feel", thank you Gin and Christy!), the collectors (both new and old), the friends (both new and old) and the ENTIRE experience was well worth every BLURRY moment... and I sincerely hope to do it all again in 2012! Cheers to all! ~ Lori