Friday, September 16, 2011

One week from today...

and I will be out in California setting up my table for the Halloween and Vine show on Saturday, Sept. 24th. Just the thought of this is making me a bit nervous for a couple of reasons. 
One of which is flying, I have not been in an airplane for 20 years, and secondly because I hope I can navigate my way through busy airports - both in T.O. and in San Francisco. 


Time will tell.... and speaking of time - it's ticking too fast, so I best get back to work on my papier mache pieces pictured below. YIKES... they are all still works in progress.
Chat at you soon! ~ Lori

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thank you (and a little bit of alphabet soup for my peers) at the STJ Soiree

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the collectors (both new and old) who stopped by the STJ Soiree this weekend. Without your smiles, genuine interest, encouragement and support we wouldn't have fared as well as we did!

To Dani, Wendy and Lisa I want to say thanks for all of your hard work and continued efforts to make this a successful show.

And to my friends and peers (at the Soiree) I would like to give you the 26 letters of the alphabet (along with a little "soup")... I'm sure you'll all get the meaning behind what I am about to type.

A is for:
Amelia and After party!
B is for:
Brandi, Brian, Border guards, and Bunting.
C is for:
Collectors (both new and old), Carole, Cotton Candy, Cage and "Cranadians" - Pat Dean referred to Brian and I as this last year (Pattee, you were missed!!)
D is for:
Dani, Doreen, Dinner, Driving, Dancing and Dinosaurs (Dinosaurs were on my mind as we drove to the Soiree, I don't know why but they were.)
E is for:
Elaine (I missed you this year), Everyone and Enjoyable.
F is for:
FUN, Friends (who couldn't come), Frazetta's and (unfortunately) flood.
G is for:
Good times, "Grinch" and Garmin GPS.
H is for:
I is for:
Ill - because I have some sinus issues and a sore throat - not to worry I will keep on working!
J is for:
Jorge, Jenny, Jimmy and "Jacque" - Jacque is who we named the Brit voiced GPS guy.
K is for:
Kim (you were missed too Kim Hardt) and Kinship.
L is for:
LuLu, Lisa W., Lisa N. (missed you!) and lack of sleep.
M is for:
Marie (I am happy you came to the show, it was great to see you!!), Martha's, Mouse, and Masks.
N is for:
New Hope, Night life and New friends.
O is for:
Old Friends and Overalls.
P is for:
"Pink Panther", "Patrick" (the starfish from SpongeBob), "Peter Pan" and Pennsylvania.... because what happened in PA, should really stay in PA!!
Q is for:
Quick - because the past four days flew by too fast!
R is for:
"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", Retro Rudolph's and "Red Death" - something I drank last night.
S is for:
SpookyTime Jingles, Soiree, and Shots.
T is for:
U is for:
Umbrella and UPS.
V is for:
Van rides and Viral video.
W is for:
Wendy, William and Wigs.
X is for:
Y is for:
Z is for:
Zzz's - something I plan to catch up on a little bit later tonight.

Again, thank you all... to my friends, collectors and family who help make doing shows a TON of FUN!!! ~ Lori

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's almost SpookyTime Jingles Soiree time...

and I can't wait to get there! Looking forward to Friday's Meet and Greet and the show itself on Saturday. Not to mention the chance to catch up with friends, collectors both new and old. I hope to see you at the Soiree! ~ Lori

Thursday, September 1, 2011

STJ Soiree Sneak Peek

Yes, that is a whole lot of S's... BUT since it's coming up soooooo quickly, I thought I would share a little sneak peek with you.

Posted below are four goodies (that hold goodies) and will be lurking around my table come the 10th of September.

If you haven't been to the SpookyTime Jingles Soiree before you're in for a real treat!
And speaking of treats there's the "meet and greet" on the evening of September 9th.

If you're in the area please plan to stop into the show, you won't be disappointed!

For more details on the show and the "meet and greet", please follow this link.

Safe travels to those who are planning on coming to the show, I look forward to seeing you in a little over a week! ~ Lori