Friday, July 29, 2011

A bit cryptic (and severely panicked) to be sure...

It seems I have been tardy in posting to my blog lately (the "norm") these days and that's for very good reason.
I have been working away on my pieces for two upcoming shows in September. AND I have been getting a bit "ansty"... rightly so because time has snuck up on me and July flew by without me noticing it until the other day. Trust me when I say I am not the only one who is in shows who seems to have lost the month of July altogether.

But just in case you stopped by and/or are about to stop by I thought I would leave you with a few pics. That way you can (sort of) see what I have on the agenda (for the next few days.)
I have to "antique" wax my pieces, cut and adhere the paper eye, nose and mouth inserts (as pictured below), finalize the bases (in some cases) and trim up those of them who need vintage crepe paper festooning or hats or whatever I feel is appropriate to finish them.


Realistically, I hope to be finished with the 56 papier mache pieces I have on the go at the moment by the end of next week (and I sincerely hope that time is on my side) and I get them tagged, signed and safely wrapped for shipping by mid-August at the latest... so much to do and now it really, really is CRUNCH time, so I have to go!! ~ Lori

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SpookyTime Jingles Sneak Peek for July

Here's a little sneak peek at my upcoming SpookyTime Jingles listings this month to whet your appetite before the site goes live again at midnight (Eastern time) on July 13th.

This month I will be offering five FUN pieces that I hope you will like, so please stop by my page and check them out on the 13th.

Oh and there's a really special guest artist this month too. I am still wondering who it could be? I have my suspicions, but I won't tell!

In other news: I am still very busy making and finishing my pieces for two upcoming shows SpookyTime Jingles Holiday Soiree and Halloween and Vine. It's going very well, albeit a little bit slower than I had anticipated. Hence my absence... which you'll have to excuse for the time being. (Please see the sidebar on the left for details and links to the shows.)

p.s. I hope you are all enjoying summer thus far! I have been spending much of my time outdoors sculpting and painting... speaking of which the gesso jar is calling my name, so I best get back to work. Chat at you again soon! ~ Lori