Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One more tree and a few more Christmas pics

Sometimes, I can't stop myself when it comes to decorating. I'm not sure whether it's because I love trees, feather trees in particular or whether or not it's because I discovered another tote of vintage Christmas ornaments in the basement. I guess it really doesn't matter as to why... because my love of decking the halls (literally) kicked in again this past weekend.

You may find some of the things I use a tad kitschy... but that's okay with me. I use them for purely sentimental reasons. The Moravian star is a perfect example of what some may consider "Christmas kitsch" - it arrived today YAY!!! I wanted this particular star because my Mom always used one on her tree. The "skinny Santa" from Japan (last picture) is on my tree because my paternal grandmother owned/displayed one. My sister Melissa now has grandma's and yes, she puts him on her tree too. The plastic snowflakes again are a nod to my grandmother.

The tree (pictured below) is now complete :) In the end I also opted to use some vintage tissue paper garland vs. using metal tinsel garland or tinsel because the kitten has now taken to chewing on the lower tree branches and climbing inside the tree too. Today as I was attaching the star she met me near the top. I was not pleased... but she managed to get down without breaking a single ornament.

I also replaced the small feather tree in the front hall (as seen below with a few closeups too) with a larger one bought on eBay a few years ago. I wired in micro lights a few years back, but this year they decided to burn out... much to my dismay.
Anyway, this tree is now in the hallway because I fear the kitten would climb it, thus knocking the ornaments off and they'd go crashing to the floor in the dining room. The end result would be me in tears because the entire tree is decorated in vintage, glass ornaments and metal tinsel and I would be bummed to see them break.


Pictured below are some closeups of the larger tree filled with vintage glass balls, plastic snowflakes, glitter birds (last years) "craft project" and a few of my favourite ornaments.... such as "skinny Santa" Enjoy!! ~ Lori

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas vignettes and losing my mind...

This past weekend I decided I'd better switch gears and pack up the Halloween goodies. It's not easy packing away the stuff I enjoy looking at daily, I still have items in my dining room to enjoy, but have moved onto Christmas in the living room and front hallway.

The tree, in our living room is one we bought last year. Normally I opt for feather trees, but since this was a pre-lit umbrella style tree and the price was right... I couldn't refuse buying it. It's pictured below, but is not fully decorated (yet.)
I can't find the Moravian star I borrowed from my Mom years ago or the beaded garland. I may have to opt for vintage tinsel instead - because I am too afraid to use the synthetic stuff with the cats... Pekoe especially, because she's taken to playing under the tree and it's only been up since mid Sunday afternoon.

For years I have had a handful of resin, vintage style snowmen and some vintage bottle brush trees, so I decided that this year I would put them to use and create a display on the dresser in the front hall. After all I have them and the polyester batting that I bought, but didn't use prior to this. It makes great a snowy ground cover over a few boxes. The addition of a string of mini lights and some flakes of clear plastic didn't seem to hurt either. This morning as Bailey was about to leave for school Brian (my husband) said - "It looks like Christmas arrived overnight", to which Bailey (our son) replied "I think Mom has lost her mind!" Whether or not this it true, (about me losing my mind) I don't know... but I think this small display turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself. ~ Lori 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's prettier now, but it'll never be posh!

"Live and learn" I think I will have to adopt this credo as of today because I have been told that my dining room studio was not as messy as I had stated in my previous post.
I guess "mess" and/or "messy" means different things to us all.
In my case it meant cardboard boxes, papers, dog fur, cat fur and crud laying around where it shouldn't be.

Don't get me wrong here, my home will never look like a posh magazine shoot. I'm not going for that pristine look. I am however trying to make myself more comfortable in my work surroundings.
After all, I do spend roughly 6 to 8 hours seated in this room per day either working on mache, answering emails or fiddling around on the computer.

RE: what I considered to be a "mess." ~ I couldn't stand it... in fact it was starting to depress the hell out of me. Friends can attest to the fact that I often whine in my emails that my house needs an overhaul... and it does. So instead of idly chatting about what I should do, I did do... it's as simple as that! Except I didn't really clean up the interior of my display cabinet... I fudged it, and now notice the mirror looks rather iccky in the photo... oops ;)

Do I feel better now that it's "clean", yes and no truth be told. It makes me want to take more time off to clean up other rooms.
Will I take more time off to do just that? Nope, commissions and a desire to make a living are calling my name, so as of tomorrow I will get back to work. ~ Lori

p.s. A FUN fact: Last night I received some pictures from one of my collectors and spotted something in his Halloween collection that really caught my eye. Look for the Devil luminary in the 3rd pic down, mine is a burgundy/red, his is green. I emailed him back and asked if he knew who the artist was because my Devil is not signed. He doesn't know who it was either, but he did say that we have the only two ever made by this artist. I think it's sort of neat that we have brother Devils... but I still wonder who made this piece because it's one of my favourites... one of his favourites too!

Monday, November 15, 2010

It ain't pretty... and it don't look that way (yet!)

By that I mean my dining room/work space/studio. It's a sight to behold... and trust me, not in a good way!

I promised myself that after the STJ Soiree I would come home and clean up my house.
I did (somewhat) but only essential rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen and living room. My dining room however got pushed to the side because I needed to start on commissions. I have started those commissions and am making progress, but staring me hard in the face (daily) is the one room I should not have neglected. I say that because mess is well... just that... mess! 

And although I should be embarrassed to show you my mess (I am sort of) I feel the need to put it out there for you (my blog readers) to witness. I guess mostly because it's at the point now where I feel I can't function and/or move ahead with my art... without giving it a thorough clean and overhaul.

So here goes, three pics for you to gasp in horror at. I'll forewarn you it's not pretty, but it will be prettier in a few days... and yes, I'm not foolish enough to think it will take only one today to get it cleaned. ~ Lori

Friday, November 12, 2010

SpookyTime Jingles and the "Sad Sacks"

No, not me... I'm not often sad, but these ornaments definitely are! 
Am thinking that maybe it's their "Dunce" style party hats... or it could be because they are in serious need of a dental plan. Haha!
Regardless of their dental hygiene, they will be available on SpookyTime Jingles tonight @ Midnight (Eastern.) Don't look now, because last months pieces have been sold.

In other news ~ I am making progress on my commissions (YAY!) and have started sculpting a couple of vintage style Santa head ornaments... so far, so good... if I do say so myself!

Well, it's time I got back to the papier mache. Have a great weekend! ~ Lori

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Candy Cane Candles and Paper/Pulp Pumpkins

In case you were wondering what the heck I've been up to lately there's a little peek posted below.
For those of you who don't know, I haven't been idly twiddling my thumbs (that would be nice) but I have several commissions which are keeping me very busy, thus the lack of blogging and generally being online very much these days.
I managed to finish one commission today. That's a set of twelve candy cane inspired candles (only three of which are seen here.) I think they are a nice twist on vintage style Halloween candles and will look lovely on my collectors Christmas tree.

I have also recently purchased a couple of paper/pulp vintage (style) pumpkins from an excellent online craft shoppe I came across earlier this year. I bought two Choir boy pumpkins from them in July (still haven't had time to gesso and paint them) and now I have added two of the (two faced) style of Choir boy to my "to do" list.
They are made by a US company who buy moulds of vintage holiday themed pieces and casts new pulp ones. I am very pleased with the newly made ones because they look pretty much like the vintage Choir boy I won on eBay a few years back.
...AND no, I won't be selling them, I will be painting (just for myself) and using them as part of my Halloween display next Fall... provided that is... that I find time to paint them. haha!


Well, that's all for now... I hope you're all having a wonderful week and I hope to see you here again soon! ~ Lori

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thank you! re: My blog sale on October 31st

I'd like to say thank you to those who attended my blog sale on Halloween night.
I greatly appreciate you buying my one of a kind pieces and in some cases commissioning more.
I have moved the remaining pieces over to my Etsy shop.

Thank you all for the kind words too! ~ Lori