Monday, September 27, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Celebrate 365 will soon be arriving at your doorstep, if it hasn't already!

This years Fall issue looks like it will be spectacular! The front cover art features a wonderful piece by Scott Smith of Rucus Studio, Joanne Harper of Disgusted Cats designed the stunningly, spectacular cover art for the back of the magazine. The issue also features the vintage Halloween collection of Johanna Parker, and a great selection of Halloween folk art from many of today's popular folk artists.

...And if that's not enough to entice you to purchase a single copy or a yearly subscription from Connie Porcher of Celebrate 365, then perhaps a peek into the magazine will seal the deal.

Here's a peek at the pages my folk art is included on. (Please click on the pics to enlarge.) Thank you again Connie for including my work, it's very much appreciated! ~ Lori 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SNEAK PEEK ~ SpookyTime Jingles Holiday Soiree

I thought I'd go ahead and give you a sneak peek of my pieces before they arrive in New Jersey for the SpookyTime Jingles Holiday Soiree on October 16th.

...but as you'll see below they are a little too shy to show their faces. Facing an arduous journey they asked that they be put into the "Halloween Witness Protection Program", I complied with their wishes.
I personally feel it's best to keep these things under "wraps" until the "Meet and Greet" night on October 15th. After all, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

We hope to see you there! ~ Lori
All images and content © Retro Rudolph's, 2010.


Friday, September 17, 2010

And the Trick or Treat Street Grand PRIZE Winner is:

Drumroll please...
Mandy of Halloween 24-7
A huge thank you to Amelia (for coming up with the idea) and Len (for being so excited) about the entire concept from start to finish! I am very proud to have co-hosted this event with you both!

On a personal note, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who took time out of their day to play with us. Your comments made me laugh, some almost made me cry (tears of joy), but most of all you inspired me to keep looking forward.

I hope you had just as much fun as I did! Thanks very much to all who stopped by. ~ Lori

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Good "Trick or Treaters" are given surprises.
Follow the instructions to qualify for prizes!

Sept 14th: Leave a comment on each blog to qualify for a prize from each artist.
*For those not familiar with blogging: Comments can be left at the bottom of this post.* If you do not have a blogger acct. Please leave your name & email address with your comment. Thank you!

Sept 15th: Mention Trick or Treat Street on YOUR blog, with a link back to one of us, leave us a comment about it and you qualify for the days prizes.

Sept 16th: Visit one last time and leave each of us a comment to qualify for yet another prize from each artist.

Sept 17th: One lucky trick or treater will have their name drawn (at random) from all of the comments and will receive the GRAND PRIZE - An original art piece from each artist.

(Randomly selected Winners will be announced on Each blog, Each day! - check to see if your name is a winner and email us to collect your prize.)

You've come all this way, its a shame you can't stay... but there's two other artists who want you to play.
They have prizes too and treats galore, 

click on a link to see what's in store!
Amelia Schaefer of
Len Bentham of

My 31 giveaway prizes are pictured below. 
* Please note they are not shown at actual size.*
All images © 2010 Retro Rudolph's ~ Lori Rudolph

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's almost time for... TRICK or TREAT STREET

I'll make this short and sweet!
Trick or Treat Street begins at Midnight tonight (Pacific time.)
So please - if you are still awake, don't forget to pop by and leave a comment!
I hope to see you early this a.m. (3:00 am, my time - Eastern time.)
For those of you who aren't of the "night owl" persuasion (like me) - please feel free to pop in during the day. This event runs until September 16th at Midnight (Pacific) so you've got plenty of time!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SpookyTime Jingles TONIGHT @ Midnight ~ Trick or Treat Street Begins TOMORROW night @ Midnight

SpookyTime Jingles opens tonight at 12 a.m. Eastern, 9:00 p.m. Pacific time.
This month I will be offering a trio of tiny teapots, perfect for those who have Halloween trees, and a large teacup ornament (I say large, because it's larger) than the others I have offered in the past. Here's the link to my STJ page.


begins tomorrow at Midnight PACIFIC time
For those of you who are unsure, this is an "online" Halloween blogging event it is FREE to attend.

It begins on Midnight on September 14 and runs daily, through to Midnight on September 16th.

It's 3 days filled with Halloween Tricks, Treats and Tomfoolery! PLUS a shocking amount of prizes are being given away!

There are 93 prizes in total being given out by the three of us.
In order to be eligible to win our daily prizes and the GRAND PRIZE  you must pop by our blogs daily and leave a comment below our "TRICK or TREAT STREET" blog post.

Winners will be drawn at random and announced daily. Winners names will be posted on the sidebar of each of our blogs.

On September 17th the GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be announced.
The GRAND PRIZE is a one of a kind art piece made by each of us (that's 3 amazing prizes for 1 person!!)

Amelia Schaefer of Sweet B Folk Art
Len Bentham of Happy Holidays
Lori Rudolph of Retro Rudolph's

We hope you'll stop by daily and join in the FUN!!! ~ Lori
All images and content are © 2010 ~ Retro Rudolph's

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Trick or Treat Street" ~ Coming soon ~ 93 prizes to be won!

On September 14th as the clock strikes midnight the TRICKS, TREATS and TOMFOOLERY will begin!

Please join Amelia Schaefer of Sweet B Folk Art, Len Bentham of Happy Holidays and myself as we stroll down TRICK or TREAT STREET.

10 prizes given away daily by each of us and a GRAND PRIZE (of 3 prizes) will be drawn at random on September 17th.
We hope you'll drop by to enter!
All images and content are © 2010 Retro Rudolph's  ~ Lori Rudolph

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tricks, Treats and Tomfoolery

Join us for a stroll down
Who knows who you might chance to meet.
Three lanterns are lit, the doors opened wide
Visit each blog to see what's inside.

A trio of artists offer scary surprises
and plenty of treats, with three days of prizes.
Stay on the third night and watch the moon rise
and you will be eligible for our special

So mark the date,
the fun can't be beat.
It's all yours for the taking on


Please visit my co-hosts.
See what they're willing to show...
On September 14th, you'll be in the know!
Sweet B Folk Art and Happy Holidays
All images and content are © 2010 Retro Rudolph's  ~ Lori Rudolph

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My "Top 10 List"... just a mindless bit o' FUN!

While taking a break from painting I thought I'd check on my blog and update a few things on the sidebar.

Anywho, I went into the dashboard as per usual and noticed a tab that somehow has escaped my attention prior to today... that being said it was rather fun to look at the "Stats" tab. Under which there's a spot called "Search keywords."

In case you were curious (as I was) here's a "Top 10 List" of how people find my small spot in the blogging world.

1.) Retro Rudolph's ~ Yes, that is how you spell my company name.
2.) Pennie Griff ~ No I am not Pennie, but I certainly adore her work!
3.) Retro Rudolph ~ Nope, that's not how you spell my company name.
4.) Retro Rudolphs ~ Uh uh... you forgot the apostrophe. I'm a stickler for that apostrophe.
5.) Lori Rudolph ~ Yes, that's my married name. My maiden name is Burke.
6.) What paint does lori rudolph use ~ Is this seriously a need to know? Acrylic for those of you who must know.
7.) Halloween tree toppers ~ Yes, I do make them. They are absolutely lovely, if I do say so myself!
8.) Jamieson studios paper mache ~ No, I am not connected with them (love their work) and most of the time I do work like I am on a Halloween assembly line.
9.) Spooky time jingles ~ Haha, you got me. I am a proud member of STJ!!
10.) Vintage halloween candy container ~ Yes, but not vintage... more "vintage style" and I LOVE making them in my own unique way!

That's all for now! ~ Lori