Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roly Poly Pumpkin ~ EHAG Emporium

Good evening and welcome to tonight's EHAG Emporium!
This month I am offering a one of a kind "Roly Poly" pumpkin designed to work in conjunction with my postcard graphics for 2010.

Made of papier mache composition, this piece stands approximately 9.0 inches high by 6.0 inches wide.
The pumpkin/clown's head pulls off to reveal the hidden candy container within. His collar is made from two shades of vintage, green crepe paper.
His body has been "antiqued" with wax to age him.
*Please note: In the pictures he looks a tad shiny (this is not the case, although he's been buffed - he's not quite as glossy as he appears - the pics were taken with a flash, due to inclement weather.)

This roly poly piece will arrive signed, dated and with a packaged postcard too!
$99.00 + airmail shipping SOLD, thank you very much!!
If you are interested in procuring this piece please email me at:
Many pictures of this piece are placed below for your perusal.
Thank you for looking! ~ I hope you enjoy tonight's EHAG Emporium ~ Lori

life drawing SUCKS...

honestly, that's exactly what I thought back in the years 1984 through to 1987... boy, was I WRONG!!
I am sitting here sculpting (well not at this exact moment), but I was before I started to type this post and I was struggling to do it.

Let me back track here a bit - lately I have wanted to expand my horizons - hence the "head shaped" lanterns. It's a challenge for me to try and sculpt something new, something that takes some skill. The last time I attempted them was in 2007 and I only made four - three of which I am proud of, one of which remains here at my house and will be re-worked someday.... maybe.
Anyhow, back to the reason life drawing SUCKS!
Well, it sucks because I thought of it as a joke when I was in my late teens/early 20's. In all seriousness, in my third year of College I had grand plans to become a computer graphic designer/artist - I did, but that all fell by the wayside as other opportunities presented themselves.

AND, if in the years 1984 through 1987 I hadn't have skipped several life drawing classes because I don't like CLOWNS - yes, I said clowns. Keep reading please... it will make sense soon, I promise!

In those three years we had numerous nude models, some of which were clean people, some of which were not well bathed - it was a bit nasty truth be told. I do have some standards you know.
Anyway, we had a lady (who oddly enough resides down the street from us) model for our class several times. A few times she was dressed as a CLOWN - I skipped those classes... too freakish for me... and then she posed nude a couple of times and well, I couldn't stomach that either.

If I'd been more sensible at the time I would have sucked it up and learned to draw the human form well. Then maybe I could sculpt parts of it (such as heads) well.... LIVE AND LEARN and I do EVERY day! ~ Lori

Saturday, June 12, 2010

SpookyTime Jingles update ~ Sunday June 13th at NOON

As some of you may know SpooktyTime Jingles normally goes live at midnight on the 12/13th, however there's been a slight delay.... Dani, our tireless leaders son Gavin has been ill this week. Thankfully, things are looking up and Gavin is due to be released from hospital a little later today.
SO... the update will take place at noon tomorrow, Eastern time, 9:00 a.m. Pacific time.

This month I am offering four pieces, three of which are ornaments. All are double sided - one side happy, the reverse side... well, not so much!
Thanks for taking a peek! ~ Lori

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun with Cupcakes

Baking cupcakes.... it all started with a dare to post about food and finished with a notion of something good to eat. haha!

For some it's all about the choice of ingredients - organic, farm fresh, store bought, whatever...
For others it's about the recipe and process - the combining of ingredients, the stirring, mixing, blending, whipping, the frenzy of fun.
And then there are those who only care about the end result.... how you get there doesn't really matter to some - as long as you get there.
But that's not me!
For me it's about all three - the taste, the process and the final satisfaction I get when something turns out right, turns out to be delicious.

If you knew me well you'd already know that I love desserts - and if asked - yes, I would rather eat dessert first and perhaps skip dinner altogether.
Aside from this dire love of tasty treats and baked goods, who has time to beat and mix stuff by hand?
Certainly not me!
... that's why I use a Kitchenaid... yes, I do and I will admit I love their appliance so much that I would gladly do a commercial if asked.

Posted below are pics of my latest venture into baking... a sort of step by step if you will.

First, I added my cake-like ingredients into the bowl and mixed them up like there's no tomorrow... not me, the machine... I just stood and stared in wonder and amazement at it's planetary action!Photobucket

I stopped the mixer and admired the lusciousness - it's hard to believe I did that in just a few minutes isn't it? Well... I didn't, it did!Photobucket

Look here's the muffin pan - prepped and ready to receive that silky, gorgeous batter. Please notice the Halloween cupcake papers. I had to use my hands to place them... it wasn't too hard to do.Photobucket

Now look at what's happened - okay, I'll admit I had to do that by hand too, but it didn't kill me. I used a measuring cup to pour the chocolatey goodness into the muffin wells because I think Martha's idea of an ice cream scoop is sort of lame. - No, I'm not a Martha hater... normal sized ice cream scoops are too small to fill the papers, measuring cups are not.Photobucket

20 minutes later... that and the use of my oven and these choco-babies are bursting to pop right out of the pan. Did you see them jump?Photobucket

While they were baking I broke out the second Kitchenaid (did you notice that?) I have two, and yes it may sound a little (okay a lot) pompous to some - but if you own one, you'll want another - especially if you covet really good appliances like I do.

Anyhow, as you can see it too has made light work of my frosting - well this one batch of milk chocolate frosting.Photobucket

Ah, the money shot... okay not yet, but they are looking rather tasty aren't they? Do you like the glaze I used on the ones with sprinkles? It's from a recipe at - "brownie frosting" I think it was called - it's simple, fast & easy! Although I did have to dirty a pot and use my hands again to make it.Photobucket

After the pic above I got to thinking (yes, sometimes it is dangerous when I think) but I thought maybe you'd rather see my cupcakes "fluffed up" and "staged" for the pic.

So of course I felt like I had to take out a cake pedestal, arrange the cupcakes (although by this point I'd rather be eating them) and just in case you were thirsty I provided a cup of coffee in a Fire King Jade-ite mug no less. Only the best for you (and me)... oh yeah and aren't my Fire King Turquoise mugs awesome??? They're only in the pic because I adore them... and no, please don't ask to use one for your coffee... they are generally for display purposes only.Photobucket

Last, but certainly not least I took one final picture of these delectable baked goodies.

You know (or at least I know) I did something really good when my child actually washes his hands just so he can snag one from the plate! YUM... and they are really, really good... except for the brownie glaze - it was dreadful! ~ LoriPhotobucket