Friday, December 10, 2010

My Putz Project ~ Part no.1

It all started years ago, by that I mean my love for vintage Christmas putz houses. The curiosity and want for my own was piqued by Martha Stewart's "Winter Village" article in the December 2000 issue. An issue which I did not own, but one day when I was at the dentist's office I saw/read the article. Thankfully, Mrs. Bialik let me leave the office with a new tooth brush and this issue in tow.

That being said, I have tried my hand at making putz houses off and on for the past decade. Much to my chagrin they were never quite how I imagined them to be. I wanted them to look vintage - but no matter how hard I tried they've never quite been what I wanted them to be.

Skip to this month and my expressing my desire (in an email) to own some vintage putz homes to Amelia of Sweet B Folk Art.
B, knowing a source for pretty much anything sent me a link to a website to build my own.
The site is called Little Glitter Houses, in case you are interested in making a few putz homes for yourself.
So with patterns downloaded, cut and ready to use from both Little Glitter Houses and the Martha Stewart websites I started over again.

As you'll see below I have chosen to use three basic styles to make a dozen houses for myself.
I am using the "large house" pattern from Martha (making modifications and variations), the "Bay Window" house, a (modified) "Picture Window" house and my favourite house pattern of all "The Little Charmer" all three of the latter are from the Little Glitter Houses websites. There's also a link to Papa Ted's Place to buy reproduction doors and windows - but I think I can draw/make my own in the colours I desire.

Papa Ted's Place is a wonderful resource for the history of putz houses, old catalogue pictures, repair and cleaning and he also has a few links to some serious vintage putz house collectors pictures/displays, so check it out if you have time this holiday season.

Be sure to come back again to see my progress... and keep your fingers crossed that I haven't wasted cardboard, glue and my time again this year on a putz project that gets binned. ~ Lori


Flora said...

Wow Lori this looks like something I would LOVE to do, thanks for the links!!!I bet they are going to look so awesome when you're done!!!!

sheila said...

These are going to look incredible! Thanks so much for the link. I have collected the little vintage houses for a while now and am excited to try and make my own. Looking forward to seeing the finished village.

Debby said...

This is so funny to be reading because I have been thinking putz houses for a week. Thanks for the info, and have lots of fun creating.