Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bulletin Board... what's on it

I decided to post a larger pic (just click on it) of my bulletin board, since Robert could not see the details. I just love my Martha Stewart (jadite) coloured supplies ;)

I also added a smaller pic of my newest works in progress... speaking of which I should get back to work!

~ Lori

Update: Kitten, WIP's and organization

Yeah, I know I have not posted in the last couple of weeks... I wanted too, but trust me when I say I have been too tired to do so.
It's not easy at my age to function on 4-5 hours of sleep per night and all the caffeine in the world didn't seem to do the trick.
I am however slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Posted below are a few pics of who and what have been keeping me busy!

Ashes is doing very well these days. We've had him for a little over two weeks now and he's growing like a weed. He's chubby, active and teething. I affectionately call him "Gummers" because he bites his nursing bottle and our lips, chins, noses, fingers etc. (basically anything he can sink the teeth nubs into).

Jake (pictured below) our oldest mini dachshund has been keeping a very watchful eye on his new baby. This is causing a bit of a power struggle with our golden retriever who thinks he's the alpha male (he isn't). Finnegan, our other mini dachshund is slowly learning that kittens are not to be nipped at, but to be licked and loved up. Smokey, our cat... let's just say she has no maternal instincts. To her - all kittens should be verboten, at the very least they are for hissing at.

I have been slowly making progress on some new papier mache pieces. Mostly candy containers and ornaments. I am hoping to get something listed later this week, but no promises.... the weather isn't going to be good the next few days (I cannot airbrush in the rain and mache clay and too much water... well I'm sure you get the idea). Then there's Coldplay on Thursday night.... soooooo looking forward to that concert!

Lastly I've found myself doing a bit of organizing. I bought a huge bulletin board and have started hanging up new pieces and useful tools. I doubt many could boast at having a cork board in their dining room (nice eh?). But alas, this is where I work most days. When you have three dogs and one "outdoor" loving cat... you need quick access to the back yard without traipsing up and down stairs every time another dog starts barking outside.

Enjoy your week ~ Lori

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An unexpected delivery

Today's delivery was most unexpected! I say that because parcels, packages and bundles of mail normally arrive before noon.
Shortly after 6:00 p.m. Brian came through the front door - his arrival was not surprising, but the cardboard box he set on the dining room table was.

Admittedly, I was busy packing up a black cat for it's return trip to CA when he placed the box on the table, I quickly peered down into the box. I saw something black and partially wrapped in a shop towel. My first thought was "Oh NO, he's brought a rat home". Second thought - "What the heck are we going to do with a rat?"
The next thoughts - it was not a rat, he'd brought home a baby hedgehog or rabbit for Bailey.

I quickly finished taping up the box and was trying desperately to print out an address label.
Why was I so desperate???
I now knew what was in that box, but could not pick it up until I finished with my parcel. I knew if I wrapped my hands around it the parcel would not get shipped today as promised.

Now why is that when you rush to do things Murphy's Law goes into effect?
1.) Do you think my printer would print? NO, it would not!
2.) Did I turn it off and on again? Yes, I did! still not printing.
3.) Was the Canada Post "Ship-in-a-click" working, NO, it was not!
4.) Did I email the upstairs computer the address etc. and try again? Yes, but again no such luck.
5.) Did Brian take the parcel to the p.o.? Yes!
6.) Did the p.o. say he needed my VentureOne card number to ship? Yes,
7.) Could I find my VentureOne number/card in my wallet? NO!
8.) Did I find my VentureOne number online? Yes.
9.) Is the parcel on it's was to CA? Yes,
it should start its' travel in the a.m. WHEW!!

Okay, back to the box. Yeah, I know... I made you read all that before I got to the good stuff didn't I?

Here's the good stuff!
We are now the proud parents/family of a new little sweetie. A very small, black kitten. He's been aptly named "Ashes", at least we think it's a "he". He is (according to a few websites) 4-10 days old because his eyes are still closed.
Sadly, he was abandoned by his mother and found by Brian's co-worker at their workplace near a piece of machinery.

I'm not sure why Brian decided to bring him home. We already have one child, three dogs and one black cat. It's like a zoo here everyday, but I guess he figured what's one more?... I'm kind of glad he did and if you look below you'll see why :)

I've got to go, it's feeding time ;)
BUT, If you have hints and tips regarding newborn kitten care, please share them. Thanks! ~ Lori

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hail in Oshawa - you bet ya!

There's nothing like a good "Hail" storm in July!

The scariest thing is that this storm came on so fast that I feared for people out on the streets. There was only time for a person or pet to dash quickly under the nearest tree or nearest porch. Hmm... thinking a tree would not have been a good idea, since we seem to have lost quite a few in our area due to the icy thrashing.

The hail was literally half the size of a standard ice cube, it quickly turned into pea-sized pieces and was subsequently followed by a good pounding of rain which resulted in the power outages (2 actually) just when we thought the power was on, 20 minutes later it was wiped out again for another couple of hours.

We had company for dinner (just family). The storm arrived quickly during which and wiped out the electricity. Not to mention the cordless phones. I had to root around for an "old school" phone (aka. Buzz Lightyear with rocket). Why was I looking for a phone you may ask???
Well, my sister Tracy was at the ER with a serious migraine (and no, I did not make her sick... we had take-out) and we were waiting for her to call to be picked up from said emergency room.
According to Brian (my husband) "Buzz Lightyear really did save the day!" for if we'd pitched that phone we would have missed her call.

There is a lot to be said for those people who have candles at the ready. I on the other hand found myself stumbling about the basement while trying to find a few votives to light and a useful telephone. Thankfully we have a gas barbecue so I could re-heat dinner when she returned.

The end result was I that I finally had a chance to read the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, although I could have used a pair of "Illumin-eyes" (from The Shopping Network).

Upon further inspection (today) the hail storm managed to put two holes in our Intek pool and damaged a couple of blow-up pool chairs, (one of which I'd just repaired) but it didn't damage us, our pets or anyone we know. So as Martha would say "it's a good thing"... however this also served to remind me that global warming is NOT!!

I posted a couple local video links below... just for reference.

Your Weather: Hail in Oshawa - The Weather Network

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Your Weather: Hail Storm - The Weather Network

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