Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"POP" ornaments

Coming soon to my Etsy shop or eBay. I haven't decided which yet.
I'm calling these 2.5" diameter ornaments "POP" ornaments because they are 3D and pop out of the background.

~ Happy Canada Day!! ~
(in advance) to my family, friends
and fellow Canadians!

Please note: I won't be listing anything on eBay this week, with the Holidays ~ July 1st & July 4th respectively... but for those of you who may be doing a little shopping I do have a few goodies currently in my Etsy shop ;)

Enjoy your week! ~ Lori

Monday, June 29, 2009

and the winners are...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking party in the Mad Tea Party.
It was a pleasure to read your comments and I hope to see you all again!

The winners are:
Maria Grimes of The Fence Post
Melissa Valeriote The Holiday Queen

Thanks for playing ladies!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mad Tea Party Day!

Oh no... It wasn't my intention to be late for the party!

I haven't baked a batch of cupcakes or brewed a cup of tea,
I made a small teapot or two, a picture of which... you can see.

It's in honor of the Mad Tea Party I've made these little treats.
For those of you who don't know, it's mainly Halloween that inspires me.

Please leave a comment below or double your chances by clicking on "follow".
Monday is the cut-off day, I'll do the drawing then...
**Since this is the 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party, two lucky winners will take one teapot ornament each**

Thanks for stopping by ~ Lori

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vintage style Halloween tags on Etsy

I've just listed a few new sets of vintage inspired Halloween tags on Etsy and there's still a few days left to snag yourself a very sweet veggie man candy container or two on eBay.
Hope you'll take a peek. ~ Thanks, Lori

p.s. Don't be late for this very important date:
on Saturday, June 27th ~ The 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party begins, it's being hosted by the lovely Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist.
I'm really looking forward to a day filled with tasty treats... for the eyes ;)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Apple a day... puts the PC away!

When you have repeated computer troubles you can't keep denying them. Well... maybe you can?! But, at some point in time you just give up trying to remove files and programs to speed up your PC's performance. I knew all the DVD writing in the world wasn't going to save my tired, old Compaq. It's had it's day, it had served me well for at least five years and it owed me nothing.

For years now I have heard people say Mac's don't get viruses, I love my Mac etc. etc. I have to admit I was always a little envious, but at the same time a little bit scared. The last time I'd used a Mac was when I was learning the basics of Photoshop in a night school course (that's a very long story). I think they'd been a staple at the local College since 1988, the year after I graduated from a three year course in graphic design.

Anyhoo, when my PC started playing tricks on me last week I started thinking about getting a Mac, an iMac in particular. That's not to say I don't like PC's or PC based programs. I still do, in fact I will be loading in some nifty software called Parallels a little later today. That way I don't have to go to iMac "Boot Camp" every time I want to switch over to my PC based programs.

I've been playing all day and haven't got a stitch of real work done, other than answering email, listing a few items on Etsy, oh and I also have two new candy containers on eBay this week... hint, hint!

So far, so good ~ I'm having FUN and I'm pretty happy that when my computer bit the dust I decided to take a bite out of the big "Apple"!
Have a great weekend! ~ Lori

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

They're here....

Whoo hoo!!! I have just finished working on my new crop of "Veggie Men" and am proud to announce that two will be making their debut on eBay tonight!

All are vintage style Halloween candy containers and have been adorned with vintage crepe festooning. Two are sporting some pretty cute party hats with graphics designed by me. The hats can be easily removed, but frankly they're so charming on. Their heads pull off to reveal their empty bellies that are just waiting to be filled with a few tasty treats.

If you have a minute please take a peek, but wait until after 9:00 p.m. tonight. Thanks! ~ Lori
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Friday, June 5, 2009

My garden of earthly delights

Thought I would share one of my other passions this week instead of the usual Halloween art, although if you'd like to take a peek at my auctions this week here's a link.

Posted below are a few pics of my front gardens taken today. The bearded purple iris is growing in a long scalloped garden bed at the side of our house. As you can plainly see I love iris! I think my love of gardening was passed down to both me and my two sisters Tracy and Melissa, who are in their own rights very talented and also love to garden.

Our grandparents had huge perennial gardens on their lakeside property in Kingston, Ontario. I can't think of any other place or any other gardens I'd rather visit today if I could.
My grandfather had a very green thumb. From year to year he'd grow a large variety of iris. His trial or test beds contained just about every colour in the spectrum. Grandma preferred roses and poppies and they were prolific.

Although I am partial to purple and yellow hues when it comes to bearded and siberian iris, it's taken a while for them to become the mass they are today. In fact I have spent the past 16 years working on my garden beds. I love how they look and am thankful that this year I don't have to spend a dime on flowers other than maybe picking up a few annuals for hanging baskets. Now... I can sit back and smell the roses, but I'll have to wait until they bloom. I am soooo looking forward to that.

Enjoy your weekend! ~ Lori