Thursday, June 26, 2008

"The Simpleton's" ~ not so simple... more like hellish

Not a very productive day I'm afraid... it seems my "Simpleton's" weren't co-operating, nor were my hands. Instead of it being a "Good" day, it was very "Hellish".
I think it's that damn devil's fault! (Sure wish he'd wipe that dumb look off his face and put his arms down.)

Needless to say they're not finished yet. As it stands some still need their crepe paper skirts. The party hats will be flocked or glittered and the bases need to be decorated.

After today's trouble, I could use a day off. Think I'll enjoy a bit of Star Wars Lego building with Bailey tomorrow instead of being glued to my workspace.

As always if you want to see them close-up... just click on the pic. ~ Lori

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Good intentions and unexpected company

I woke up today to find a lovely email in my "inbox" asking me if I was taking some time off and hoping that I was doing well.
Thank you Prudy for asking... I am doing just great, but as you can see by the time of this post I fell way behind today on my posting pics of work in progress. My sincere apologies for being so late. (My sister arrived mid afternoon ~ unexpectedly.)

I decided to post two pics, a head on shot and a sort of birds eye view. The candy containers/lanterns and candy bucket ornaments are 99% done. I just need to give the interiors another coat of paint and touch up the bases and add my logo sticker.

Aside from the candy containers you'll see 5 new ornaments... they still need their party hats (and maybe a fez or two) because somebody (that'd be me) forgot to thread a wire hanger into their heads. I am thinking hats would look better anyway and of course the witches will need some hair because nobody likes a bald witch... or do they?

Tomorrow's work... more "Simpleton's" are getting their party hats and skirts and a few simple sitters are still in desperate need of chenille arms and legs.
p.s. Don't forget to click on the pics to get a better view ;)

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I think I've lost my head... or is that my mind?

Seems to me that when I procratinate for far too long I suddenly feel the urge to do something... or as the case may be something(s)!

I think at last count I have 29+ pieces in the making.
Pictured above are just a few.

For a long time now I've followed one theory. Why make just one piece when you can make many?

Obviously I am not the type to sit down and finish one piece prior to starting another... that's SO not me!
I like to work in fits and rages, or is that fits and stages?
Oh well, it doesn't really matter. I'm busy, and it sure beats being BORED!

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Monday, June 2, 2008

TAG... Oh NO, I'm it!

Yep it's another round of blog tag (thanks so much, Carolee,) and this time the game is to list five completely unimportant things about yourself. (In this case... myself.) Okay, let's see how boring my life really is... yikes!

1. Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode owns a t-shirt I designed for the group back in the 1980's... oddly enough he wanted more of them.

2. In grade eleven I had to go to summer school, because I failed math... well... who doesn't have a calculator anyway? Can't say I have ever needed to calculate much other than basic math problems.

3. I got married in Montego Bay, Jamaica on July 17th, 1991. Brian and I wanted to go on vacation, so we decided we might as well get married while we were away.

4. Almost every business I have been employed at since I graduated College went through a bankruptcy (once or twice.) Am I a curse to small business?... no, but I was stupid to return to work every darn time they revived themselves.

5. If I could have a dachshund farm - I would! No, I am NOT kidding!! As stupid as it sounds to most of you, (if not ALL of you) I do have a serious love for pets... so much so, that we just got another furry baby for me to baby.

I have no idea who to pick for another 5 people so... I'm going to skip it and instead I'll post a few pics of my (furry) pets.

There's Jake, (pictured above) who's 7, he's a red - short haired, miniature dachshund. Smokey, is our cat who's 5 and often referred to as our (black, motorcycle kitty) by our non- furry son, Bailey. Then there's Farley, he's our 3 year old golden retriever... and boy does he retrieve. Lastly there's our newest addition Finnegan (4 months old.) He is seriously cute, already house trained and runs up and down stairs with ease (bonus!!) This adorable fellow is an English Cream - long haired, miniature dachshund and is seemingly taking over as the alpha male. *The very last pic is for size comparison... large, medium and small - LOL!!*