Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's not a BIG space, but it's a space to call my own

It's almost complete... keep in mind that I still need to have another light fixture installed above my workbench. It will be hidden between the heating ducts as will the hideous light fixture seen here. I have 8 outlets... thank goodness I married a handyman, because electrical is not my forte.

My "new/old" workspace is only 8 ft. in length by about 2 ft. deep, but it provides me my own space to work in. Obviously Hallowe'en is my true love... more specifically anything pertaining to vintage themed Halloween.

Here's why I started this project... after a nasty cold this Spring and a few minor disappointments I felt the need to lift my spirits. That being said I finally decided to carve out my own niche in our unfinished basement. Our damp and scary basement has crumbling concrete walls, a few seriously lovely pieces of hideous wood panelling and has become a wasteland for excess art and craft supplies etc. It also boasts a plethora of spiders and other creepy crawlies that scare the heck outta me... but who doesn't like to be scared every now and then? The "real" want of a space to inspire and work in outweighed my initial fear.

So there I was on my way to the paint store to pick up some oil based paint - the space was initially going to be completely black, but it seemed like it could use a bit of brightness, so I decided to stripe the panelling with a bit of orange. With two air/heating ducts overhead, there's not alot I could do other than try to disguise them with a few paper lanterns and a bit of crepe fringed garland.

Next came the cork board... sheesh!!... I truly admire all the fine painterly type artists in EHAG now more than ever - you all deserve every penny you make and more!! I think it took me about 30 hours to paint all the images onto the paint-sucking cork surface, guess I should have primed it first huh?

Now that my bulletin board was complete and the 4-5 coats of oil paint were dry (about a week later), I could finally start to decorate. I made a couple of paper lanterns, installed a couple of long shelves, tacked up some crepe paper garland, hung a few more paper lanterns and carried down my drawer bins. Yesterday I re-organized the other shelving units that are on each side of my workbench... okay to be honest I have 5 shelving units and several bins in the basement that contain supplies and it's still not enough storage space. Do you think that's why my actual workspace is only 8 ft. long? (Oh, don't forget to click on the pics for a better view :)

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It's really late at night or really early in the morning depending on how you look at it...

but here's a sneak peek of my new workspace in the wee hours of the morning. There are more pics to come... so please stay tuned!